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Buying New vs Used

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Buying new vs used

The age old question when faced with the dilemma of buying a car. Would you choose to buy new or used? New car smell, what could possibly be better? The large finance bill attached to it perhaps? A new car is nice, sure; not arguing that! A slightly-used however, is much better! When you purchase a new car, you will lose approximately 20% of its equity as soon as it is driven off the lot. The equity is lost but you are still paying the price in full.

When buying used you should remain patient and do your research. There are many advantages to buying used. A used car will cost you a fraction of the price; it won’t hurt your monthly budget or put you into debt.

Is depreciation significant?

To recap; 20% of a vehicles value is lost when you purchase new. That is a large amount of money that you are throwing away. In addition, typically you will see another 10% lost within its first year. On average that’s a 30% loss in value after a 12 month span.

A used vehicle, specifically one that is 2-3 years old, the depreciation is much slower. The fact is most used car buyers can purchase a used car, drive it for a year or two, and sell it for close to its purchase price. This will involve doing the right research and choosing the right type of car.

In fact if you do your research, remain patient and time things correctly most vehicles fully redesign every 4-6 years. You can buy used, only a year or two older and still have the most up to date body style.

How differently does it affect your insurance?

Insurance rates for a new vehicle will be higher than used. A used car is “worth less” according to how insurance companies estimate the cost of replacement and repairs. When you purchase new, you are still paying the increased insurance on the depreciation you have already lost. If you do purchase new despite the increase in rates remember, your rates will still be based off of it’s before purchase value and not on the depreciation you lost during that first year.

How are registration fees different?

When purchasing used, registration costs are less too. The registration price is based upon the amount you paid for the vehicle. It is significantly more once you factor in the price difference. You avoid a large financial hit by simply purchasing even a year older.

Trade-Ins! Keep in mind the other budget saving leverage available would be when you have a vehicle available to trade in. New dealerships do not have the same available market to accept trade-ins. They will offer a very low amount and build it into your loan. A used dealership will view your trade in more valuable.

Affordable features.

Buying used will open the doors to additional features. Features that come at a high price tag new. You will get more of what you want while keeping your budget in a more financially affordable state.

This should significantly trump a newer vehicle at a higher cost, lower-end model and basic features. In the event you cannot find a used vehicle with all the upgrades you desire built in, you can from the money you saved install aftermarket upgrades as an alternative. Remember with the timeline we mentioned earlier about a vehicle re-design you are very likely to be the only one aware you purchased used.

Most people in the market interested in a used car will back out in fear they are purchasing another person’s “problem”. This is why it is important to check review ratings, see the car proof, trust your dealership and do your research.


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New Distracted Driving Law

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

New distracted driving law-The province of Ontario in an effort to prevent distracted driving, is enforcing a new law on January 1st 2019. The New Year will bring an increase in charges, a shift from minor to major convictions but also a change in the category of distracted driving.


new classification of what distracted driving is.

Under the new distracted driving law, those convicted of a distracted
driving offence will be penalized with fines, demerit points, and a

license suspension.


What should you expect?

  1. $1000 fine, 3 day suspension and up to 3 demerit points for your first offense.
  2. $2000 fine, 7 days suspension and up to 6 demerit points for your second offence.
  3. $3000 fine, 30 day suspension and 6 demerit points for 3 or more offences.

    distracted driving has now become a major conviction


For insurance purposes your demerit points will clear within 36 months but you have a driving abstract that remains for 6 years. The purpose of this is to determine subsequent convictions. You can obtain a copy of your driving abstract by visiting


Distracted Driving Defined

It was established that distracted driving included using your cell phone to talk or text. The new list has several others added, some of which could be surprising to some. The government of Ontario has categorized the following items under the distracted driving offence. It has also shifted the chargers from a minor to major conviction.

  • Using a cell phone to talk or text
  • Typing a destination into a GPS
  • Reading
  • Holding an electronic device.
  • Changing a playlist
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Smoking


The purpose of this change is to try and eliminate accidents in connection with distracted driving. The number of accidents has doubled since 2000 and on average occurs every half hour according to RCMPs website. Distracted driving can be defined under three categories; visual, manual and cognitive. This simply means taking your eyes off the road, taking your hands off the wheel and lastly taking your mind off of driving.

CTC Ninja Warrior London

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018


On the afternoon of October 20, 2018 That Car Place competed for London Ontario’s first ever Ninja Warrior title. The event was hosted by CTC Obstacles, a newer facility located locally in London Ontario. The facility offers a range of classes, open gym and even birthday packages. That Car Place entered in the 18-39 age division, represented by Daniel Sellars. The event, first of its kind to become available locally, was well organized and had a wonderful turn-out. Words of encouragement and cheering could be heard from each competitor in support of one another. That Car Place, up against some amazing talent took 4th place. Congratulations to Ryan, Justin and Rob for placing in the top three.

Picture below features all competitors in the 18-39 age division.


BMW vs Mercedes-Benz marketing war

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

The auto industry is known for its competition; having one of the toughest among business’. Deep-rooted rivalries are sure to surface when auto makers compete against one another. A great example would be two high end, well known German made vehicles; Mercedes-Benz and BMW. What makes these two competitors all the more impressive; is their respectful approach to their competitive Marketing. They have acknowledged that neither of them would be where they are without the other. No two auto makers have continued to embrace this competitive dynamic more than Mercedes Benz and BMW.

The history of the two rivals became apparent on several different platforms; some of the best examples are through their marketing campaigns. In 2016 Mercedes congratulated BMW on its 100th anniversary, showcasing a short clip. The clip included congratulations, thanking them for their competition over the years. The statement that followed read “The previous 30 years were actually a bit boring”.

The Mercedes AMG division is turning 50 years old. The favor was returned with a billboard at the Nürburgring Congratulating AMG on its golden anniversary. The Billboard containing the message “You ordered cake, we made donuts”



Most recently both companies engaged in an ad war. The first add featured a view trapped behind the grill of a BMW as if to imply a jail cell. The tagline read “GET FREE… Join the real world. The view outside the grill showcased 3 strategically placed Mercedes-Benz. BMW fired back with an ad; the ad features a BMW tire placed above a sewer grate with a Mercedes logo on it. The tagline read “If the plan doesn’t work. Change the plan but never the goal.


BMW_grill_plate_Mercedes-Benz_jail BMW_Mercedes-Benz_sewer_grate_feud












It’s safe to say that both Mercedes-Benz and BMW engage in healthy competition regularly. There is no doubt that these two companies have approached marketing in a very entertaining way.

Hello world!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

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